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Licensed, Vet-Approved & Kennel Club Registered Dog Breeder


About Me

Hi, my name is Nata. I am a huge dog lover and a breeder from South Lanarkshire in Scotland. 

My passion for dog breeding started with looking after a friend's pregnant dog where I ended up delivering the pups. Since then I fell in love with the process and committed my energy entirely to bringing up healthy and well-socialised dogs into this world. All of our dogs receive regular vet visits, vaccinations and genetic health tests.

Over the years I have built out top facilities for all of our furry friends, who all live with us inside the house.  They enjoy many outdoor areas and play areas, homemade food and a variety of toys and treats. 

How We Can Help

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We breed Pomeranians, French Bulldogs & Asian Poodles

Puppy in Red Cushion

Happy Owners

Dorothy, Daisy's Owner


I know how hard it is to find a breeder and trust that they are ethical and honest.

I discovered Lapochka while looking desperately for a teacup poodle breeder as I wanted to buy a puppy for my family.

I have chosen a little girl that I called Daisy, she is the most beautiful, smart and well-behaved puppy. She is a true teacup size, less than 1kg at 6 months. I frequently get stopped in the street by people that ask me about the dog, they take pictures of her, and even vets have told me how hard it is to find such a perfect teacup poodle.

We love Daisy enormously and we are thankful to have her in our lives.

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